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Advertisement Micrograph December 20, 2022

Home Centre – “Unseen Tears”

Stories hidden inside a teardrop, a book that tells the hidden stories behind children’s unseen tears.

Adoption is a taboo in the Arab world and not talked about openly. This makes the stories or orphan kids who are looking for a home remain hidden from the world.

The human brain processes pictures 60.000 times faster than words. So, instead of narrating the stories of orphan kids through words, we told them through pictures of their dried tears. On being photographed under a microscope, each tear showcased a different topography that revealed the emotion behind it.

The tears were classified as tears of longing, tears of separation, tears of loss and more. The striking pictures of the tears were made part of a book that was made available at bookstores.

The book was send to newlywed couples and existing parents, psychologist and adoption centers.


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